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Best Gloves for Horror Movie Heroes

Last Halloween I focused on the best gloves to protect the villains in horror movies.

But I noticed something while binge-watching horror movies instead of socializing this Halloween season:

The protagonists are just as unsafe as the villains!

So this year I’m focusing on the safety of the good guys and making glove recommendations to protect our favorite horror movie heroes.

Haven’t read the original “Best Gloves for Horror Movie Monsters?” Experience it now.

1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula:

van helsing

The Plot:
To get over the death of his wife, Count Dracula gets bite-y with ladies all over Europe.

The Character:
Abraham Van Helsing — Professor, Doctor, and all-around bad ass — is in the killing vampires business and in 1462 business is a-boomin’.

The Hazard:
Fang punctures from Dracula and all his vampire brides.

Our Safety Recommendation:
Fun fact: The average vampire fang has a 21-gauge diameter (probably).

Second fun fact: We test the protective properties of our hypodermic needle-resistant gloves with 21-gauge needles.

Seriously, what are the chances?!

Because of that, we recommend that Van Helsing don a pair of our MXHV2PB needle-resistant gloves.

These gloves are lined with Punkban™, a Kevlar®-based material, to reduce the threat from needle sticks (or fang bites). It also gives this glove an impressive ANSI level A5 cut resistance rating.

So whether you’re busting open coffins, hammering a wooden stake, wielding a bowie knife, or stopping vampire bites, your hands will be safe!

Clutch Gear® Hi-Viz Mechanics Glove Fully Lined with Punkban™ Product ID: MXHV2PB
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2. Jaws:


The Plot:
Basically “The Old Man and the Sea” but about 50% more shark attacks and 100% more skinny dipping.

The Character:
Quint, a curmudgeon who needs a bigger boat, has become obsessed with killing Jaws. Even though a lot of people are being murdered, the real crime here is that Quint doesn’t once wear gloves.

The Hazard:
Cold water and poor grip… and the shark threat.

Our Safety Recommendation:

The S230TAXVB. Jaws isn’t half the beast that this glove is!

  • Extreme cut protection to keep Quint’s hands safe when loading his spear gun.
  • Textured palm for a firm grip on slimy shark skin.
  • Hidden impact-resistant padding to eliminate snags while preventing knocks and bumps against the side of his boat.

Chemstop™ 12-Inch Blue Cut-Resistant Anti-Impact PVC-Coated Glove Product ID: S230TAXVB
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3. Young Frankenstein:

young frankenstein

The Plot:
A fun take on a classic; you’ll be in as many stitches as Frankstein’s monster… except yours will be from laughing.

The Character:
Mad scientist Doctor Frankenstein uses electrical charges to bring his creation to life.

The Hazard:
Arc flash and flash fire.

Our Safety Recommendation:
When you need awesome dexterity and protection from arc flashes, the S18KGDNE is your best bet.

Arc flash testing placed this glove at level 3 with an Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) of 25 cal/cm²

It also has ANSI level A3 cut protection which is great for any incidental scalpel knicks Frankenstein may receive in his surgery room that is nowhere near up-to-code.

Dexterity® Deluxe 18-Gauge Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Gloves with Neoprene Palms Product ID: S18KGDNE
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4. Scream

sidney presscott

The Plot:
A group of teens become self aware and must follow the rules to survive a horror movie.

The Character:
In the days before caller ID and having a cell phone makes you a person of interest, Sidney Prescott is a tough-as-nails protagonist.

The Hazard:
Knife cuts. So many knife cuts.

Our Safety Recommendation:
Sidney Prescott needs protection from extreme cut hazards. Our STAGCXPU is designed to do just that.

Thanks to a blend of TenActiv™ and aramid fibers blended with steel and composite filament fiber, this glove boasts an impressive ANSI level A9 cut rating.

While this glove can’t protect her from the emotional scarring of the events of this film, it sure can protect her hands from scars!

5. The Shining

The Plot:
It’s this trailer… more or less.

The Character:
Danny Torrance is a mischievous little fella… with the ability to read minds. AKA the perfect set-up for a horror movie.

The Hazard:
The biggest hazard is Jack Torrance. The second biggest hazard is the snow.

Our Safety Recommendation:
It can get as low as -30°F (-34°C) in Boulder, Colorado in the winter. That means Danny is going to need some serious protection.

His best bet? The SNOW322L.

Nicknamed “The Claw” this glove will be perfect for Danny’s needs and not just because of that creepy thing he does with his hand.

danny torrance creepy finger

SnowForce™ Extreme Cold Winter Claw Mitt With Premium Cowgrain Palm Product ID: SNOW322L
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Key Takeaway:

While safety is no joke, we like to have fun with our product recommendations.

Did you see a glove that you’d like to trial in your workplace?

Click the learn more button on any product to see how you can start a trial today!

Happy Halloween!

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