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Making a (Safety) List and Checking it Twice

It’s January 1st. There are torn up pieces of gift wrap scattered throughout the house, dirty dishes piled high in the kitchen, and there’s endless cleaning to do. But you’re not stressed, not in the least bit. In fact, you’ve got your feet up on the couch, hangin’ out in your pajamas, hot mug of coffee in hand. Why? The holiday dinners are now officially OVER. No more decorating, gift wrapping, endless cooking, and no more hosting!

But you didn’t just magically end up carefree on that couch. No, long before this moment you slaved away for hours planning every single detail. The endless food preparation, the almost serial killer-like obsessive cleaning and the careful attention to decorating – should you do a classic, country chic or urban theme?! The to-do list never ends! Luckily, you’re a safety pro and at least that’s the one thing you don’t have to worry about, right? But since it’s the holidays and you’re feeling extra giving, you’ve compiled ways to help make your friends and family’s holidays easy peasy safety squeezy.


It all begins with decluttering the house so you can find room to display your infinite amount of holiday decorations. Decluttering and cleaning before holiday hosting festivities can be daunting, but doing it early and thoroughly can ensure you’re being safe. For example, if you’re going to hang outdoor Christmas lights, make sure your eavestroughs are cleared of anything that could possibly interfere with the lighting and cause a fire hazard.

The holidays also mean cold, bone-chilling weather, which means fireplaces everywhere will get put to good use. Take a moment to ensure you’re also removing/decluttering anything from around the fireplace that could pose a serious fire risk, such as gas, propane tanks, chemicals, paint, etc. And of course, when you’re doing this, make sure you’re wearing the right safety gloves!

Our reco: NIF3018

Picking the Perfect Tree

Before you head out and chop down a big, beautiful evergreen tree à la Clarke Griswold, there are a few things you should do first. Before you head out, pick the room where the tree will be put so that you can measure the exact space and pick a tree based on those measurements. Make sure you note it down and bring those measurements and a measuring tape with you to pick your perfect tree. Don’t forget to factor in space for your tree topper, skirt and stand and make sure it’s placed far from a fireplace or stove. Here’s the part where things can get sticky (or should we say choppy!) when it comes to safety. If you’re a Christmas tree purist, you’re not only going to want a real tree, but you’re also going to want to chop it down yourself. Make sure you pack the right gloves for the job to avoid any accidental nicks and cuts, and to handle the sharp tree needles. Inspect the tree to ensure the needles are fresh, green and firmly attached to the branches, as older dried-out trees ignite and burn much faster than those that are freshly cut and well hydrated. Now that you’re equipped with the right knowledge and the right safety gloves, you’re good to go. People will ooh and aah at your ability to chop that tree down like a pro.

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You’ve cleaned and decluttered the house and picked your perfect tree. It’s now time to make your home look like a winter wonderland! As much fun as decorating can be (or torture, depending who you’re asking), some of your decorations can be old and fragile, or shiny, new and expensive, meaning they need to be handled carefully. You’ve done so much work so far, you don’t want smudges or worse, you don’t want a decoration to break into tiny, sharp pieces! You need the right glove for the job, one that won’t cause smudges but can also serve up some cut and puncture protection in case those fragile glass ornaments break.

Our reco: S13TAPUCF


There are few things better in life than the pleasure of eating really, really good food. And sitting down to eat delicious food with your family and friends just adds to the experience. The story behind that meal, though, is something else. No one prepares you for the immense stress that comes with cooking a big meal, and we rarely stop to think about how unsafe the kitchen can really be. There’s prepping (hello, knives!), sautéing, frying, baking, heating, and the list goes on. We’ve all heard of the saying, “if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen” – well at Superior Glove, we believe if you can’t stand the heat it’s because you’ve got the wrong glove! Below are gloves that’ll safely help you whip up the tastiest, most scrumptious holiday dinner.

Our reco for heat: TBGOB-6

Our reco for food prep: S10SXB

Clearing the Walkway and Driveway

On the day you’re hosting, you wake up early and shovel and salt the driveway and walkway to your house because you’re just the best host ever and don’t want anyone slipping. Hours go by as you get the rest of the day’s festivities going (the above-mentioned tidying and cooking) and you look out the window to see a fresh pile of pillowy snow covering your driveway and walkway once again. How festive! Well, luckily, you’ll be more than prepared to handle it with the gloves below. They even come with cheek warmers to keep you cozy in the harshest conditions.

Our reco: SNOWD200L

* We hope you enjoyed our fun, light-hearted take on re-positioning industrial gloves for residential use. The suggested uses for the gloves featured in this blog are for entertainment purposes and in some cases are not the intended use of the glove.
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