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Our Favorite Gloves Reviewed By You Part II

Ever since Our Favorite Gloves as Review by You came out, people have been tweeting, texting, and carrier pigeon-ing the Superior Glove offices demanding a sequel.

You asked, we delivered. Set to the breathy perfection of Jewel.



Endura® Oilbloc™ Anti-Impact Driver Gloves:

“Dave, in our warehouse, LOVES them. Not only from the cut protection perspective, but the overall comfort, fit and durability is fantastic.”  Tom L., VP of Safety and Quality Assurance

It’s like my grandfather used to always say, “if it’s good enough for Dave, it’s good enough for us.” Thanks Dave!

Endura® Oilbloc™ Goatskin Kevlar®-Lined Anti-Impact Driver Gloves Product ID: 378GKGVB
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Endura® Hi-Viz Cut-Resistant Chainsaw Gloves:

“I would recommend buying these gloves” – Jeff S., Amazon Reviewer

I would too Jeff, I would too.

Endura® Hi-Viz Chainsaw Gloves Product ID: 385CS
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Sure Grip 7-Gauge PVC-dotted Cotton/Poly Knit:

“The gloves have held up well and are easy to wash. The rubber dots on both sides double the life” – Brad, Amazon Reviewer

Coincidence? I think not!

Sure Grip® 7-Gauge PVC-Dotted Cotton/Poly Knit
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Dexterity® Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm:

“They fit me well and seem to do a good job of preventing me getting cut! I guess I could really go at it with a knife to see just how much they could take, but I’d rather not ruin them. Happy thus far…” – M. Pence

A great way to prevent cuts is to not “go at it with a knife!” Thanks for the kind words Mr. Pence.

Dexterity® Abrasion and Cut-Resistant Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm Product ID: S13NGFN
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TenActiv™ Cut-Resistant Gloves with Foam Nitrile Palms:

“I used the S13TAFNT on a job that chews through gloves. This glove was able to maintain structural integrity for 7 days as opposed to 3-4 days with the previous glove.” – Tom C., EHS Leader

Glad to hear the glove is working out for you Tom, even though it wasn’t designed for jobs that involve glove eating.

TenActiv™ Composite Knit Cut-Resistant Gloves with Black Foam Nitrile Palms Product ID: S13TAFNT
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Well there you have it, a sequel nearly as good as Godfather Part III and Grease 2 combined.

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