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Red, White and Blue: Celebrating Safety this Independence Day

As the American members of our Superior Glove family celebrated Independence Day earlier this week, we thought it would be as good a time as any to look back on a few of the country’s most influential historical figures, including some of the more prominent Founding Fathers.

But outside of your standard political fare, from close calls on the battlefield to gentlemen’s duels, the lives of these people could often be incredibly dangerous and hand safety, even when you’re making history, is essential.

So let’s take a look at four gloves that could’ve helped some American icons during their various adventures!

The Hamilton Glove

A man who is perhaps best known today for the musical that bears his name than the actual life he lived, Alexander Hamilton was no slouch, with a varied career in politics, the military and publishing.

He worked closely with George Washington during the American Revolution and later practiced law alongside Aaron Burr in New York City, the same man with whom he would famously duel in 1804. Hamilton also played a role in the founding of a newspaper still in print today: The New York Post. 

But to work in the newspaper business, you first need the paper. And the pulp and paper industry offers up many different hand hazards, from simple cuts to severe lacerations.

Our SCX4D6C glove is designed with the pulp and paper industry in mind, featuring a level of cut protection that allows it to withstand extreme cut hazard situations.

The specialized knitting used in the glove’s design allows for both full-wrist and partial-forearm protection, without limiting dexterity or flexibility. Additionally, you can count on heat resistance offering protection up to 392°F (200°C).

The Franklin Glove

Benjamin Franklin was a diplomat, Founding Father, scientist and even a Postmaster General. When it comes to his scientific influence, however, one experiment stands above the rest. One day in 1752, as storm clouds gathered over Philadelphia, Franklin stood in a field with a kite and key in hand, looking to further prove the connection between lightning and electricity. 

Although Franklin was successful (his research was later used and expanded upon throughout the scientific community), the experiment really was a shocking safety hazard (I will not apologize for making that joke). 

While we may not be able to offer protection from a stray lightning strike, our 378GOBKL glove is designed for spark and flame resistance, making it an excellent choice for those requiring arc flash protection.

This glove is made with goatskin, making it incredibly tough and abrasion-resistant, alongside a high strength-to-weight ratio.  We’ve also treated it with two specialized coatings: Oilbloc™ and Waterstop™. These coatings make the glove water, oil-, and stain-repellent, while the Kevlar® lining offers moderate cut protection.

The Washington Glove

George Washington, of course, needs little introduction. The first President of the United States, Washington was also a highly-respected military veteran long before he would cross the Delaware and eventually, help America establish its independence as a Founding Father.

With such a resume, numerous myths and legends around Washington have emerged over the years. One of the most well-known is that Washington, as a young boy, chopped down his father’s cherry tree before finding himself unable to lie about his actions.

But the real question is, if you’re working in a hand-heavy, hazardous environment, what kind of protection do you need? 

Designed for automotive and metal fabrication work, the SKGCXPS, is able to provide outstanding cut-resistance, thanks to the Kevlar® blend, while the glove’s spandex allows it to maintain its comfort, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity.

Fully launderable, the reinforced thumb crotch also helps to reduce wear in a critical, high-use area.

The Molly Pitcher Glove

Flip through a history book from nearly any era and you’re bound to come across countless stories of so-called folk heroes, ordinary people who left their mark on a particular time and place. There’s a whole host of these people in American culture but especially during the period surrounding the American Revolution.

The woman now known as Molly Pitcher is no exception.

Born as Mary Hays, she would join her husband, William, when he enlisted in the Continental Army and became legendary for her courage on the front line. While under constant shelling, she is said to have tirelessly delivered supplies and water to American soldiers.  

The story goes that during the Battle of Monmouth in June of 1778, under heavy fire, William collapsed at his cannon, either due to injury or exhaustion, and Mary took his place, operating the cannon until the battle was over. Eyewitness accounts from the battle say she narrowly avoided getting hit herself before immediately returning to action.

In 1822, Mary was honored by the Pennsylvania Legislature for her wartime service and was commemorated by George Washington as a non-commissioned officer. 

Were you loading a cannon during your Independence Day celebrations? Probably not. But whatever you’re doing, either working on a lumber yard or in waste management, hand protection is still critical.

The 398DPPB is sewn with Kevlar® thread and is lined with Punkban™ in the palm, allowing it high levels of both abrasion resistance and cut protection, while the hi-viz lime-green fingertips allow for consistent visibility. 

Regardless of your industry or task, staying safe should be your number one priority. You may not be experimenting with lightening, but hazards can come in many different forms, from the seasonal to the simply unexpected and the gloves you’re wearing can make all the difference. From all of us here at Superior Glove, we hope you had a happy and healthy Independence Day!

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