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SGW Jolly Nook Top 10 Employee Picks

The Superior Glove team had a lot of fun sharing our top employee glove picks for our SGW Jolly Nook series! Below take a look at our recap of the top 10 picks along with who selected the glove and why. Enjoy!



Daniela B. from our Honduras office. She loves the RDCNPF Blue 4 Mil Powder-Free Disposable Nitrile Gloves and their high touch sensitivity. Plus they’re powder-free for sensitive skin!


Allison C. from our Acton office selected the SNTAPVC Dexterity® Winter-Lined Nylon Gloves with PVC Palm. She likes that they provide excellent wet and dry grip, that their lining is soft and warm and well, they’re festive!


Kimberly L. from our Honduras office picked the RDNUTBL KeepKleen® 3.5-Mil Fine-Touch Powder-Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves! She loves that they make her work easier and safer and that they’re ambidextrous for quick selection.


Greg S. from our Acton office picked the 378PLFL Clutch Gear® Synthentic Leather Drivers/Mechanics Gloves for so many reasons! They work great in cold, wet conditions, they’re lined for winter weather and their neoprene knuckles protect nicely against knocks.


Kiana S. from our Acton office chose the S13FRNE Dexterity® Flame-Resistant Arc Flash Glove with Neoprene Palm. She loves these arc flash gloves for their flame-resistant neoprene palm coating which provides a better grip and because they’re incredibly dextrous. Plus they offer her easy protection from hanging those Christmas tree lights!



The MXGCE Clutch Gear® Mechanics Glove is Jane R.’s favorite! Why? The goatskin leather palm provides great abrasion resistance and they’re ergonomically shaped to provide all-day comfort! P.S. Jane’s is being represented here by her dear cat, Ripley.


Albin A. from our Honduras office picked the KKWC Kevlar® Cut-Resistant Sleeves. He likes that they give him the protection that he needs for his arms while working with hot materials. They’re also fully launderable and because they’re made with Kevlar®, they won’t melt or drip on contact with open flame.


Shayla W. from our Acton office selected the 378GKTFG Endura Goat-Grain Arc Flash Cut-Resistant Driver Gloves. Their lining is cut and sewn from fine-gauge Kevlar®/composite filament fiber for a no-bunch custom fit and they’re ANSI cut level 4 cut resistant, which is why they’re Shayla W.’s pick!


Sam A. from our Acton office went with the NE240TKL Heavy-duty Neoprene Chemical Resistant Gloves. He loves that they offer heat stability up to 392°F / 200°C and that they’re great for BBQing!


Edward G. from our Honduras office went with the S13NGFN Dexterity® 13-Gauge String-Knit Glove with Foam Nitrile Palm. He likes that they look good, feel good and are very helpful on his weekend duties at home. With ANSI level 3 abrasion resistance and the palm coating for a better grip, we understand why!


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