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Sneak Peek Into Superior Glove’s National Sales Meeting

June has been our busiest month so far. After returning from ASSE Safety 2017 last week, we then headed off to Collingwood, Ontario for our National Sales Meeting. When everyone comes together for a sales meeting, ideas bounce of each other. Allowing for a stronger working team to help serve you, our customers.

Here’s an inside scoop on what happened over the last couple of days.

Superior Glove Sales Team

Hand Safety Program™

The Hand Safety Program™ is a new education program that is being built to help companies understand the importance of hand safety.

It aims to improve the overall education of hand safety at work. Superior Glove will be offering support and recommendations for companies who partake. The best part, it’s completely free and there is no obligation to join.

The program will be available within the upcoming months.

STOP Cutting Corners!

Duane Janiskevich brought his insightful knowledge about the world of hand safety to the Sales Meeting. After suffering a significant hand injury himself, Duane set out to inform others and help them realize that safety is necessary.

Stop Cutting Corners

His presentations talked about his story and what his road to recovery was like. He mentioned how crucial it is to stop cutting corners and keep your workers and yourself safe. He encouraged us to learn from his mistakes. With his diverse background, he stressed how paying attention to your surroundings can save your digits.


DiSC® Styles is the leading personal assessments used by professionals to improve work ethic. Personality tests are ideal for seeing if your personality style correlates with your work style.

The DiSC® test helps increase your self-knowledge and helps determine how you handle conflict, what motivates you and how you handle stressful situations.

Personality Testing

There are no right or wrong styles, and there is no best style. It’s about how your style blends with others. It forces you to appreciate other styles by increasing harmony and decreasing judging within the workplace. The goal of DiSC® to facilitate better teamwork, increase sales skills and become more self-aware.

Service Awards

A few of our sales reps are celebrating milestone service awards this year. We had two five-year service awards and two ten-year service awards. We also celebrated a 25-year service award at our company barbecue.

Superior Glove Service Awards

Team Training

Like any sales meeting, there are lots  of  team building activities, we held our version of Chopped.

Each team had to create a dish using ingredients that they bought from the “store.” To earn money to buy items from the store, teams had to compete in different team building activities. Teams then created dishes that looked the nicest and tasted the best for judges.

The winning team of course won bragging rights.

Superior Glove Cooking Contest

A big thanks to the Westin Trillium Blue Mountain Resort for hosting this year. We had a blast! We’re certainly looking forward to our National Sales Meeting in 2018!

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