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The Most Patriotic Town in Canada: Halton Hills

Halton Hills has officially been named The Most Patriotic Town in Canada. They have raised over 57,000 flags in and around the area of Halton Hills, Ontario.

For Canada’s 150th birthday this year, and Halton Hills, Ontario is celebrated in a very patriotic way. A Canadian flag that was once on top of the Peace Tower is now flying in Dominion Gardens Park in Georgetown, a community within Halton Hills. The flag is now one of the thousands that helped Halton Hills compete for the title of Most Patriotic Town. With a population of just over 60,000 people, Halton Hills is offically The Most Patriotic Town. Located within the town of Halton Hills is Acton, Superior Glove calls the community of Acton home and is a proud supporter of the Most Patriotic Town Challenge.

Peace Tower flag in Halton Hills


The Most Patriotic Town Challenge

The Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Halton Hills has worked tirelessly to make Halton Hills The Most Patriotic Town in Canada.

The challenge was for residents to raise their Canadian flags and register them with the Halton Hills 150 website. Halton Hills surpassed their goal of 15,000 flags, and the total number of flags flying is 57,073. On any given day, during a drive to work through one of the communities, you bypass Canadian flags in windows, in gardens or flying from flag poles.

The Mayor of Halton Hills, Rick Bonnette was “Honored to not only have one peace tower flag but two.”

Councilor Bob Inglis donated the Peace Tower flag at a flag-raising ceremony held in Dominion Gardens Park on June 14, 2017. The ceremony celebrated the rising of the Peace Tower flag on a brand new flag pole in the park.  A special thanks went out to the volunteers who are working to make this campaign possible.

Mayor of Halton Hills with Peace Tower Flag

 Mayor Rick Bonett (Left) and Councilor Bob Inglis (Right) at Dominion Gardens Park in Georgetown.

Councilor Inglis put his name on a waiting list for a flag in Ottawa, Ontario while on a tour of the Parliament buildings. When he signed up in 2003, the wait was roughly seven years. The current wait-time for a Peace Tower flag is 70 years. You can request your own Peace Tower flag or any of the other Parliament flags, online or in person. You’ll be waiting about 56 years for one of the other Parliament building flags.


Canada’s Peace Tower

Ottawa Parliament Buildings Centre Block Peace Tower

The Peace Tower sits atop Parliament Hill in Ottawa. The free-standing bell tower holds a 53-bell carillon and connects to the Centre Block by an entry way. The Peace Tower is a memorial chamber dedicated to those who gave their lives for Canada in the the First World War. The Peace Tower flag is changed daily Monday through Friday, while the other flags on Parliament Hill are changed weekly. July 1st, 2017 will mark the Peace Tower’s 90th birthday.


Superior Glove and The Most Patriotic Town

Superior Glove raised their flag in participation and has been a proud sponsor throughout the campaign.. We may not be the biggest flag on the block, but we are proud to be Canadian.

Superior Glove's Canadian Flag

Superior Glove’s flag in Acton, Ontario.


If you live in the Halton Hills area, thank you for helping Halton Hills not only achieve but surpass their goal of becoming The Most Patriotic Town!


Updated on July 10, 2017 – Halton Hills has been named The Most Patriotic Town, by raising 57,073 flags in the area.

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