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Did You Know it’s World Environment Day?

Do you stand with nature? Here at Superior Glove we certainly do, and this year we are participating in World Environment Day.

What is World Environment Day?

It is the encouragement of worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment.

This is a global campaign, and this year the UN chose Canada as the host. The theme for this year is all about standing and connecting with nature.


How We Stand With Nature

We are fortunate enough to have nature all around us, in Acton, Ontario, and in Point Leamington, Newfoundland. Sometimes, we get to take the time to enjoy them, here’s how:

The Rockwood Conservation Area is close by. On our most recent walk, we took a photo of one of the caves, you can go through them and explore. Our other photo was taken this past winter at a “getting to know you” hike between our Territory Managers Rick and Ben and our company President Tony Geng. It’s a lot more fun than your regular lunch meetings.

Our Own Environmental Initiatives

We stand with nature, but we also like to give back to the community. Every year we send out an employee engagement survey that helps us learn how to give back to our communities, and the environment.

Dexterity® NT 15-gauge Cotton Knit with Nitrile Palms

The S15NT is super tough. With the extra nitrile coating, the gloves are biodegradable, creating less waste in the landfill. The seamless knit shell makes this glove super comfortable with lots of extra dexterity.

Earth Day Cleanup

In the neighborhoods in which we operate, we participate in cleaning up the areas around us. Our employees got paid for the time they participated. In the past decade, we have donated over 5000 pairs of gloves to Earth Day and will continue to do so every year.

Company Fleet:

Our company fleet is made up of 17 hybrid vehicles. We have electric charging stations at our Acton location to make sure that our outside sales managers can get to their meetings reliably and environmentally friendly.

Solar Panel:

Our tracking solar panel at our Acton location continuously collects sunlight and generates the equivalent of 30% of our electricity.

Pellet Boiler Heater:

At our Point Leamington plant, we have two Pellet Boiler heaters. We decided to move towards a more sustainable heating source for our plant.  The wood pellet boiler is auger fed from a 24-foot high, 40-ton capacity silo outside the warehouse. It heats water, which will heat the entire 70,000 square foot factory with forced-air water heaters. Wood burning releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that was absorbed by the tree during growth.
This makes the pellet boiler carbon neutral. Creating a net zero carbon footprint in terms of heating a facility.

To stand with nature, visit World Environment Day and learn how you can get involved.

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